"As an avid runner but new to road biking, Mark took my cycling to a whole new level. Within 4-5 weeks of working with Mark, I found that my hill climbing and average speed were so much improved that I won my age group in the Horseshoe Valley 100k Centurion.  I can now ride comfortably with faster paced riders that I could not have kept up with in the past.  Mark is not only highly effective but also very knowledgeable and personable." 

Brenda Simpson

"When approached by a group of fairly green cyclists who had decided to tackle the 50-mile Centurion ride at Collingwood, Mark took on the challenge without hesitation.  He created a training plan for us and worked on our hill climbing, speed, and endurance, with impressive results.  We were well prepared for the event and, for most of us, it was the highlight of the season.  Aside from Mark’s obvious skills as a cyclist and coach, his sense of humour, compassion, and enthusiasm made it a pleasure to work with him."  Below are some individual comments from the group:


Mark is a terrific and inspiring cycling coach. His training improved my endurance and hill climbing tremendously.

Max P.

I began in the 6 week Skills Group in the spring and moved onto training with Mark and our C50 group.

I learned the cycling strategies to complete Blue Mountain in less time than my original goal. He was able to adapt in a large group with ease. Thanks Coach.

Sandi K


Mark made me work harder and smarter than I would have ever managed on my own! He inspired me to push my limits and encouraged  me to defy age-imagined barriers. Thank you.

Jane H


Mark’s passion for cycling inspired us all to raise our game to the challenge of the hills of Blue Mountain.  We all finished tired but with a smile on our faces!

 Lynn (BFA) W.


Participating in Mark’s skills clinic and the Centurion training group helped me improve technically and increased my confidence in group riding.  I highly recommend him as a coach.

Janet V


Through Mark's encouragement, training, patience and commitment to cycling , I myself have reached a personal goal and achievement. The hills, the sweat, the aching muscles, I would do it again!.... Thanks again Mark for your inspiration and leadership
John E


Mark has an open and encouraging nature, that combined with his dedicated professionalism, motivated, encouraged, and  inspired me to keep grinding away up climb after climb even after my mind had clearly convinced my body I was done.   His training method was well designed to meet the challenge of the Blue Mountain C-50  resulting in the successful completion by every rider in our “Dreamers Group”.

G. Babcock

Mark Berger (right) wins the 50+ category at the 2012 Collingwood Centurion

"I am so excited to see these clinics "rolling", I am equally excited to have Mark Berger leading them - you are in good hands. Mark has been cycling for over 35 years and has held national and world titles in cycling and has been to the Pan Am Games, the Commonwealth games and the Olympics. He was the Provincial Cycling Coach from 1987 to 1991 and is extremely passionate about the sport! He knows cycling, he knows how to do it safely and knows how to teach you how to cycle efficiently so you get the most out of your miles...or perhaps get the most miles out of you!"

Tracey Sullivan